Setup Mobile Makeup Studio With These Makeup Tools & AccessoriesSetup Mobile Makeup Studio With These Makeup Tools & Accessories

Makeup artists, models, or performers seem like nomads roaming with makeup accessories and makeup travel bags who keep on plunging from one destination to another. For example today they are in Chicago tomorrow you might see them performing in Las Vegas. The pace of work and time needs to cope up as a professional artist or performer or makeup fanatic.

While getting ready for the performance or assignment the first thing a professional makeup artist or a model or a performer will muse about is the makeup and makeup accessories essential for them. The makeup artists need to ensure before every assignment that every required makeup tools are available with a makeup travel bag.

To look glamorous you need to have impressive attire, a toned body, suitable makeup, and confidence in your eyes. Good makeup can surely make you dazzle the onlookers but incomplete or bad makeup can make things otherwise.

But, the question that arises here is what if there is no provision for a makeup room? What if you forgot your essential makeup accessories? What will you do if you misplace or forget your favorite makeup brand? These questions will make you imagine the scenarios that you never want to face even in your dreams.

To fortify you from such unfavorable situations that cost your professional credit and peace of mind too you just need to procure these essential makeup accessories. The makeup accessories that are listed here can be used and carried individually as well as you can assemble all these accessories anywhere to set up your mobile makeup room.

  • Makeup Cases With Mirrors
  • Makeup Chair
  • Makeup Chair With Table
  • Travel Makeup Bags


Makeup Cases With Mirrors


A makeup case with a mirror can be your mini makeup studio no matter where you are if you just need a speedy touch-up or full-fledged makeup.

Along with style, it comes with the functionality you expect from your makeup case. The durable sturdy exterior material protects the stored cosmetics.

Coming with extendable trays and dividers it allows you to store your cosmetic products in an organized manner as well as categorically. The wider opening offers you easy accessibility.

The heat-resistant material keeps the case cool protecting the stored cosmetics from any kind of chemical reactions or damage. The heavy-duty retractable handles are there to provide you grip and portability. The makeup case with a mirror can be available with or without LED lights.

The key advantages and features of makeup cases with mirrors are,

  • Heat Resistant
  • Durable and Stylish
  • Portable
  • Extendable Trays and Dividers
  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Different Compartments To Organize Cosmetic Tools
  • Makeup Categorization
  • Sufficient Storage Capacity


Makeup Chair


A makeup chair, also known as a director chair, is a requisite accessory for a makeup artist who is always on the move or working without a makeup room.

In remote places or during outdoor assignments having a good makeup chair is critical.


A well-designed makeup chair provides you a comfortable angle, height, and stationary position to work neatly.

The makeup chairs are foldable, lightweight, and easily portable. The folding capacity of the chair makes it easy to carry and use.

A sturdy base of the makeup chair provides stillness to the person sitting on it and enables you to work without disturbance.

Makeup chair with side pockets and table tray to hold cosmetic tools, essential personal belongings is a smart feature added to provide convenience and functionality.

The key advantages and features of a makeup chair (director chair)are,

  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Durable Base For Stability (Anti-tipping leg stabilizer)
  • Adjustable Height
  • Table tray and pocket storage
  • Footrest and headrest
  • Makeup Chair With Table

While working with the client the makeup artist does need a proper angle of the client to apply makeup neatly and properly. With proper and comfortable angles the makeup artist also needs sufficient light to check the applied makeup shades.

The makeup chair with a table provides you extendable trays, dividers, and storage compartments to store your cosmetic tools.

It comes with dimmable LED lights. There are holders for different cosmetic tools like brush, hairdryer, lipstick, mascara comb, and other essential tools.


The makeup chair with a table


The makeup chair with a table enables you to arrange the height as per your requirement. You don’t need to carry a mirror and makeup train case individually if you have a makeup chair with a table.

The key advantages and features of a makeup chair (director chair) are,

  • Portable and Light Weighted
  • 360° Rolling Wheels
  • Telescoping Handle
  • 6 Dimmable LED Lights
  • Trays and Compartments
  • Side Compartments To Hold Accessories
  • Telescoping Legs


Travel Makeup Bags


The travel makeup bags can be categorized into a wide range. Travel makeup bags are one of the primary makeup accessories professional makeup artists carry with them.

Travel makeup bags black color

Travel makeup bags can be categorized into,

  • Train Case
  • Rolling Case
  • Soft-Sided Case
  • Barber Case
  • Clear Bags/Pouches (Transparent Bags)

Travel makeup bags are available in multiple models. Each model and type equip different functionality, advantages, and features. Make a selection from the wide range of travel makeup bag models as per your requirement.