Eyes are mirror to soul and eyes are never quiet. Ver eye shadow palette makes eyes that sees beauty everywhere more beautiful with its wide range of eye shadow palette that’s available online.

What is Special?

Makeup Palette by Ver comes with various eye color shades in opulent and comfy case. The color shades available in the makeup kit contains long lasting and skin friendly color shades suitable for all kind of skin tones.

What you get?

  • Eye catching case with the makeup kit that is handy and slim, crafted and textured beautifully.
  • Makeup Kit by Ver ideal for daily use as it includes Eyeshadow. Blush. Face powder, Lip gloss and Lip Brush, eyebrow cream, contour as well as sponge making it usage more effective.
  • The storage space available in the palette case allows users to carry and store their needed makeup tools and items conveniently.
  • Eye shadow palette comes with a mirror and storage space too making it more usable whenever needed.
  • Makeup palettes by Ver comes with various shades from light to dark shade that can be used on various occasions as per user’s need
  • Eye shadows available with palette helps you in matching the makeup shade with the outfit you are wearing for the occasion making your presence remarkable.
  • The color shades by Ver are long lasting that makes you enjoy your very own time at fullest without wasting your time for interval touchup.
  • Our products are skin friendly manufactured with vegan ingredients and are safe for user’s face and eyes.
  • The eye shadow palette by Ver is elegant as well as handy to carry and store makeup items.

Ver products are best known for its product quality and an impeccable shades and eyeshadows it provide. Ver eye shadow comes in different variants that can be used to apply on any skin tone and gives user a desirable shade. Ver eye shadow palette are available online and is highly recommended for professionals as well as freebies.