Acrylic Cosmetic Case

Professional Acrylic Makeup Case

The greatest options for makeup professionals to organize their supplies and transport them are acrylic cosmetics cases. These acrylic boxes are handy and simple to carry with you.

Makeup artists must always carry lipsticks, foundations, makeup brushes, blushes, eyeliners, and other products. In this particular case, all of these can be carried together without causing a mess.

Why us?

We craft acrylic makeup cases of the highest quality. We produce it in a variety of options to meet the needs of every makeup artist. Our cases contain steel corners to ensure long life, a swivel handle for extra comfort, and premium aluminium construction. For security, all cases come with key locks. These are easy to transport and make for the ideal travel companion due to their light weight and fashionable design.

Acrylic Makeup Case

Each makeup artist's needs are taken into account when designing our acrylic cosmetics bags. These have an aluminum finish with steel corners and a swivel handle. These are both scratch and impact resistant. These have an extendable slide tray and a bigger opening for more comfortable use. We provide 2-tier and up to 6-tier acrylic cases in our collection. For large tools and additional storage, it has a large central compartment. For a clear view, it has an acrylic top panel. It also includes a sizable mirror that, when closed, turns into a lid. These are handy yet better for travel.