Makeup Case With Lighted Mirror

Studio Light Professional Makeup Cases Online

All beauty bloggers and makeup artists know that using proper lighting is essential while doing makeup. Insufficient lighting would force makeup artists to compromise their work; when models were exposed to natural light, their makeup would have seemed dark or overdone. To perform quality makeup, makeup artists require a keen eye for their customers or clientele. They must have adequate lighting, but they cannot get it with them when they are going. The best solution for this is a portable studio light, which is a must-have for makeup artists.


We aim to provide the highest-quality items to each makeup artist or beauty expert. To accommodate each of them, we have created several studio light options. We have a unique makeup case that has a large mirror, lights around it, and a stand. We also have light mirrors for people who only want a light and don't want any case. Our studio light case comes with a mirror and lights which make it convenient and handy and best for travel. All of these are strong and durable yet in vogue.


For makeup artists, we provide four different options. These cases are built of top-notch aluminum with steel corners to guard case against damage. A large tempered mirror with six lights, various makeup pockets, and storage compartments are included with our studio light cases. The stand option is also included in one variant. The case here is heat resistant and protects your makeup products.

Other variants have full surfaced mirrors. Either a strip of led lighting or 12 bulbs are used. To suit every type of lighting, there are 3 color temperature settings available in each product. Multimedia speakers and a sensor touch power button are also provided.