professional makeup casesprofessional makeup cases

If you are a traveling makeup artist, traveling with your makeup supplies can be quite difficult. There are makeup items that may spill if not stored properly.


You need a professional makeup case to help you organize your cosmetics properly. No matter if it is liquid makeup, loose powder, perfumes, etc, you need to pack it properly to carry it on your trip.

Leopard Printing Texture 3-Tiers Accordion Trays Professional Cosmetic Makeup Train Case with Two Brush HolderIn order to help makeup artists who are frequent travelers, many companies have designed a traveling makeup case that helps organize your makeup supplies without leaking, breaking, or scattering around the luggage.


So, to secure all delicate and necessary makeup items there are different makeup cases available in the market to choose from. Let us learn about a few tips that help you travel with your makeup stuff easily.


Make a list of the makeup items you need

This factor is overlooked by most women. To make sure that you have packed everything, it is necessary to make a list of all the items. The makeup essentials can be your sanitizer, concealer, lip balm, face wash, etc.


If you are not a professional makeup artist and need only makeup essentials, then do not overpack things you don’t need.

Choose the right makeup bag

Black Soft_Sided Travel Makeup Case with Mesh and Clear Pockets

Now, you need to decide on the sturdiness of your make-up bag. Well, if you just want to store your makeup essentials in a small case, you can simply choose a soft-sided makeup bag.


Certainly, choosing a travel bag, you may look for a sturdy bag with a hard exterior so that your stuff is protected in case the bag is jostled in a train or a car.

When it comes to hard exterior bags, they are basically train cases. You can get huge bags with tough exteriors quite the same as the roll-aboard style suitcases designed for professional makeup artists.


Large Carry Clear Set Bag with 6 External Pockets, Tissue Holder and Shoulder Strap by CASEMETIC - PC01BK

You can also check out waterproof cosmetic bags. Mainly the breakable liquid bottles are more of a concern. If you are carrying liquid makeup, then they are prone to leak and thus a waterproof bag available in fabrics like polyester, vinyl, nylon would be helpful.


Secure makeup cases

The expandable trays makeup case is useful and secures your makeup. The makeup kit has extendable trays with storage compartments with enough storage space.


It is user-friendly and adjustable to your comfort. It comes with a sturdy handle with easy to carry grip and a shoulder strap. It is also easy to clean interior material.


Perfect makeup studio case for makeup artists

Studio Light Makeup Cases

When it comes to the perfect makeup case for studios & artists, without a doubt it is Studio Light Makeup Cases, which is designed to let the makeup artists move it 360 degrees. It also has a makeup station which is free-standing and portable.

An ideal option for professional hairstylists

Certainly, professional hairstylists cannot compromise on their work and thus hair stylist makeup cases offer them deeper interiors for storing tools. It has ample space to store tall tools used by professional hairdressers. These items include hairspray bottles, blow dryers, etc.

On the other hand, for mobile hairdressers, rolling makeup cases would be the ideal option.


Case for Nail artists

nail artistry makeup cases

Well, nail art is an important section of makeup. It has different items to make your nails look good. Those who work as nail artists look for nail artistry makeup cases that come in handy and offer large storage compartments. The compartments in these cases can stock stamps, transfers, and jewels.

These cases can store manicure tools and different nail art supplies and thus is an ideal choice for beauty students, nail technicians, etc.

Amazing makeup cases for Barbers

Barbers often travel to offer home services and thus they need durable barber cases with ample space to hold the clippers and trimmer.

While providing home service you can travel comfortably with style and keep your hair styling items safe.


Right chair for Makeup Artist Director

chair for Makeup Artist DirectorAs a makeup artist, if you are looking to save some space then opt for this beautiful makeup artist director chair which can be easily folded and unfolded. It is an amazing seating option while you are visiting your clients, on outdoor jobs, for your studio station, and much more.

Adorable Mirrors for makeup studio & decor

The best way to enhance your makeup application, as well as décor, is by using Hollywood Vanity Mirrors with lights which are the best mirrors to meet your needs.

These mirrors are durable and offer amazing lighting with clarity to make every makeup session impressive.