A barber case is an essential thing for any hairdressing expert who wants to keep all of his equipment and materials conveniently in a single box without messing up everything and use them with ease. Additionally, some hairstylists provide in-house facilities to their customers/clients. They have to always carry it all with them. No one wishes to carry around different containers for every tool. The barber case is a game changer for them.

JUSTCASEUSA has exclusively designed competent barber cases with your concerns in mind. This serves to keep your valuables sorted and presentable. We have a diverse variety of case choices to suit your standards. This emanates with both medium and big sections for storing your tools individually. These barber cases make sure to keep your essential items neat and get them easily with the reach of a fingertip. This hairdresser case catalog is made from premium materials that have a long life and prevent your stuff from weather conditions while still being en vogue.

We have a huge selection to choose from. Our cases are both proficient and exquisite. Clippers, trimmers, combs, blades, shears, and styling tools have their own dedicated compartments in our cases. Our barber boxes are an excellent idea for showcasing to shoppers at any hair salon. These cases add a strong attraction factor by their neat and organized presentation.

In addition to these features, our barber cases have detachable belts, detachable trays, and completely separate blade/guard caddy slots. We crafted them with elevated quality aluminum build and corners covered with steel to ensure robustness and longevity of the case in every weather and transport condition. We have a huge variety of color schemes to fit the demands of each barber. Even after the top-notch material build, we made sure these cases are lightweight and portable, with an additional numeral lock for anti-theft and safety. With every perfection and facilitation, they are the best portable travel case choices.

Our VBK001 - Professional Barber Portable Travel Case is made with a beautiful black smooth finish with black aluminum trimming, it has a portable display and storage organizer attached to the case for clippers and trimmers. It has removable combs and shears tray, and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap.

Our VBK001X - Upgraded Professional Barber Portable Travel Case is an upgraded version of VBK001. It has a subtle, beautiful, and sophisticated inner lining. It has a new adjustable snap-on strap. It can hold 4 shears under the lid. It has the same clipper, only the overall case dimension is different.

Our VBK002 - Black Nylon Professional Barber Portable Travel 6 Clippers Backpack Case is a comfy and reliable barber bag. It has the college bag look and feels. Its premium and waterproof barber travel case with the same robustness and life. It has a zippered mesh pocket and 7 pockets for shears, brushes, combs, etc. Under the top cover. Its front compartment is secured with a zip. It has 8 custom mesh pockets for clippers guards and can hold up to 6 clippers/trimmers with a snap-on strap. Front section for spray bottles, cans, and towels with zip closure. One back section especially for laptops or mirrors.

Black Matte Upgraded Professional Barber Portable Travel Case W/Shears Holder And Easy Snap-On Strap

Our VBK004X - Black Matte Upgraded Professional Barber Portable Travel Case W/Shears Holder And Easy Snap-On Strap is similar to the VBK001 - Professional Barber Portable Travel Case only the dimensions are different, as this case is bigger in size.

The VBK005 - Black Matte Professional Barber Portable Travel Split Case has a beautiful black smooth finish with black aluminum trimming. It has a detachable lid with an elastic band for combs and shears holder, straps for five clippers with round notches on the back for cord organization.

Our leather finish case VBK006 - Black Leatherette Professional Barber Stylist Lock Attached Carrying Portable Travel Case Organizer Storage Display is the perfect match for leather lovers. It’s a classy product with all the other features. The combs and shear trays are detachable. It's built with top-quality material, has detachable internal compartments, and is much more spacious.

Our VBK008 - Black Ice Cube Professional Barber Portable Travel Case comes with a beautiful ice cube finish with aluminum trimming in black color. It has detachable dividers for clippers, trimmers, blades, shears, combs, and styling tools in the central section. It has added the tray slider for six clippers with round notches. The lid of these trays is clear. For combs and brushes, it has 4 dedicated pockets with an elastic band and two shear holders. This one comes with two key-lock latches. The clippers tray dimension - 10.25" X 9.5" X 2.5", under tray storage - 18.5" X 12" X 3", overall case - 19.5" X 12.75" X 7.75".

The VBR003 - Blue Ancient Copper Hardware 4-Wheels Leather-Like Professional Rolling Aluminum Cosmetic Makeup Case is our large barber rolling case. It has 4 wheels with 360-degree rolling and lock protection. It is heat resistant with a beautiful blue leather-like finish and ancient copper-finished hardware. Its handles are heavy-duty. It has two easy sliding trays to hold hair dryers, flat irons, and brushes. Middle section with 8 brush pockets and mesh pouch on both doors. The large drawer and its bottom have two small drawers.

All barber cases are crafted meticulously with each barber's concerns and demands. We aim to ameliorate your barbering experience and serve you with top-notch cases on which you can rely. You can choose your best match from our varied catalog. So what are you waiting for?

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