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MP3 Player

  1. Which Studio Makeup Case Would You Choose?

    Searching for a Studio Case that has great lighting, is spacious, transportable, and especially fashionable? Just Case offers the BEST Sunrise and Ver Beauty's Studio Case Collection. From small to large, from regular case to bumping some music. You will find exactly what you need and want right here on Just Case.
  2. Frameless Vanity Mirror

    Look what we have here! Amazing Frameless MP3 Player Vanity Mirror. This Mirror will make your studio/room look 100x better! Connect to the world of music with its MP3 player feature. Have fun with this one of a kind mirror.
  3. Vanity MP3 Player Mirror

    This Amazing Professional Vanity Mirror is one of our best sellers! Not only does it come with great LED lighting, but you can connect to the world of music with the built-in Bluetooth/MP3 Player system.
  4. Rose Gold MP3 Player Studio Case

    Let's get this party started with this one of a kind Rose Gold Studio Case. Its color is too bold, and elegant; it will make you fall in love with it right away. Not only can you use this for your makeup, BUT you can connect to the world of music. With its built-in MP3 Player/Bluetooth system, you can bump the music while doing your hair and makeup. How cool is that! We want to know what favorite song would you play on this awesome cause?