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Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. Black Glitter Makeup Kit

    This little black glitter makeup kit is a perfect gift for makeup beginners. It comes in a cute little case, eye-shadows, blush, highlight, brushes, lip-gloss and more. Uncover the greatness of this case.
  2. Brown Leather 4-Wheel Case

    Our traveling station makeup case is ideal for those makeup artists and hairstylists that travel. Walk into your appointment with our beautiful leather rolling case, you will be amazing how many compliments you will get with this beauty.
  3. Black Snake Cosmetic Case

    This amazing beautiful black snake like the case is designed perfectly for your jewelry. Store in all your jewelry, in its great large compartment and organizer. Unleash the power of this beauty.
  4. Black Dot Train Makeup Case

    Looking for a case that is big enough to hold your cosmetics, yet small enough to carry? Well, welcome our newest Black Dot Makeup Case to the family. Great compartments, amazing spacious interior, and great style. You will instantly fall in love with this bad boy!
  5. Silver Hollywood Vanity Mirror

    Our Vanity Mirror is just stunning!! Get extra lighting with our bright LED lights for perfect makeup application. Connect to the world of beauty with this mirror. You can connect your hair tools and phone charger with our built-in power outlet. It even comes with mounting holes so you can hang the mirror on the wall.